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Meet Dr Sacha (Chiropractor)

Without medication or surgery – Chiropractic is the best fit for natural health and natural recovery.

Dr Sacha 

Discovering Chiropractic

I became interested in chiropractic after a period of ill health in my late twenties. I took time to examine my own life and my goals. In realising my own health goals, I experienced the failure of the current health system to address my own health needs.

I read extensively about other areas of health and philosophy. My health eventually recovered utilising a holistic approach of rest, exercise and nutrition, and gaining support from my partner and friends – and after a chance meeting I discovered chiropractic.

Following My Passion

I completed my chiropractic studies at Murdoch University in 2006, where I was among the inaugural graduates.

It was a privilege to study the human body in great depth, and it is a constant joy bringing all aspects and facets of my education and subsequent experience to clinical practice.

I believe in a patient centered approach to health care – in which “the patient” is actively involved in their own health.

I endeavour to educate my patients about all aspects of their health – after all knowledge is empowerment.

It’s Not Just About Treating Pain

Part of chiropractic’s issue is to challenges peoples mindset that there is only something ‘wrong’ when there is pain, or another body signal that indicates a problem.

Sure, we can assist to get someone out of discomfort, but the benefits of chiropractic care – once pain has gone – are enormous.

Preventative care and wellness care is a vital component to functional health – getting that message across isn’t difficult! Getting people to appreciate their bodies’ innate capabilities can be.

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