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Our Team at Longevity Chiropractic

Our clinic’s aim is to care for each person using techniques that meet your individual needs and goals. Our team is here to help you along the way.

Contact us today and let us discuss what chiropractic can do for your health!

Dr. Sacha | Chiropractor

Without medication or surgery – Chiropractic is the best fit for natural health and natural recovery.

I became interested in chiropractic after a period of ill health in my late twenties. I took time to examine my own life and my goals. In realising my own health goals, I experienced the failure of the current health system to address my own health needs.

I read extensively about other areas of health and philosophy. My health eventually recovered utilising a holistic approach of rest, exercise and nutrition, and gaining support from my partner and friends – and after a chance meeting I discovered chiropractic.
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Adam | Practice Manager

Adam enjoys spending time with family.

Adam enjoys spending time with family.

I was born and raised in Western Australia. I had years of headaches and an upbringing following the medical model and medication. My introduction to chiropractic 15 years ago has made me aware of my headache triggers.

Now, I focus on my posture, hydrating often and keeping stress levels manageable to keep my headaches at bay.

Outside of the Practice

Our small caring team finds working together – and with you – rewarding and pleasing. Outside of work, my priorities are spending time with my friends and family, including my nephew and three nieces, and traveling.

I’ve been fortunate to visit many of our Southeast Asian neighbours, heading to the warm coastal areas to snorkel. I also enjoy gardening and renovating (although I’m frequently reminded I shouldn’t start!). I’m sure I’d enjoy exercising—I must give it a try soon!

Sharing Natural Chiropractic Care

Every day is exciting at Longevity Chiropractic Armadale. No two patients are the same.

I enjoy meeting different people and families in Armadale and when we’re traveling into the Wheatbelt towns of Western Australia. I relate to chiropractic because it’s hands-on, with no medication or surgery involved.

Jeanette | Chiropractic Assistant and Front Desk

Jeanette will welcome you at the door!

Jeanette will welcome you at the door!

I’ve lived in the Armadale area for over three decades. My daughter originally worked at the Armadale clinic. I took over her role here when she graduated from university.

I like meeting a variety of people at our practice both in Armadale and at our regional clinics.

It’s great working as part of a close-knit, small team.

Staying Busy with Family

When I’m not at the practice, I prioritise spending time with my family and friends, especially my grandchildren. I enjoy taking walks around the Armadale area and watching sunsets on the water by overnighting on our friends’ boats.

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